The Fete Costa Mesa Wedding with Luis and Lena

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From the wedding website and in the Groom’s own words:

It was a hot and muggy summer day back in 2011 when Lena walked into my life. Reality, it was a nice and cool 72 air conditioned office – truth be told, my internal temperature instantly increased when Lena walked into my office and glared at her beautiful smile we all have grown to love. Lena spent the better part of the afternoon in my office, attempting to be taught insurance related systems – I nervously shook away the sweat from my brows and like a boy going through puberty spoke with a crackling voice in an effort to teach. Lena only spent one day in my office back in 2011 but left an impact in my life that wouldn’t flourish until we started dating in 2016.

For the last 3 years, we have been at lock step for almost everything we do – traveling, practicing yoga, eating (we love food), and of course nurturing our two healthy but rambunctious little ones – Yoshi and Mr. Wrinkles.

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