Patty and Peter’s Classic Costa Mesa Wedding

February 8, 2014 – “The day we met. It was a gloomy, rainy day… Peter’s and Patty’s introduction was quite awkward as Patty said, “Hi I am Peter, wait, sorry. I am Patty. Nice to meet you Peter.” (face palm).When they left the club, it was still pouring outside so Peter took his jacket to shield Patty from the rain..” Can we just agree that the rest was history from then on!

For Patty and Peter, it is a love and union closing the distance between Northern Cali and Southern Cali in one beautiful day. The day they said “I do” tears were shed, laughter was spilled, and above all else… the absolute happiness of the couple was captured in every fleeting moment.

With each detail carefully curated and chosen by passionate teams and this dreamy couple, see their vision come to life for their classic and timeless wedding day.

Photographed by Kevin and KLV Team