Investing with KLV Photography for Your Wedding

Get to know our style, our process, and what to expect when you invest with us.

Our Photojournalistic Style:

KLV Photography is always creative and never generic. Our photographers are artists and storytellers that allow each couple to unfold in front of the camera in their natural beauty. What that means is while a few poses will be used in order to capture the formality of weddings, they don’t intrude on the true narrative that our clients want to tell.

Their style is always evolving, but never strays from what was genuinely felt and captured from that moment. Each image taken is mindful of the composition. Trashcans, exit signs and random clutter will not be found in their work.

Additionally, you won't find that our style never revolves around a trendy filter easily duplicated on Instagram or the like.


Our photographers aim to photograph a scene that looks effortless.

Besides being artists, they also understand that couples have a vision of their own and often share their vision via a collection of Pinterest pins. We welcome our couple’s visions and encourage them to visit our several Pinterest boards here.

Finally it’s not all about creating artsy images. Having photographed hundreds of weddings over the years there are always specific photos during the wedding they never miss, including but not limited to certain family members, parents’ reactions, groom reactions, the details, the keepsakes, dancing and more.

They believe that if it’s at the wedding, it should be photographed for whatever reasons are important to the couple.


Flowers, Rings, Details

Specifically the rings, flowers and name cards, guest gifts, shoes, jewelry, etc. all make up the atmosphere of the wedding day. These images are always captured in a clean way that highlights the meticulous and elegant detail that has already been put into that creation. These shots are always lined up exactly right with little to distract focus.


The Romantics:

Of course the wedding is all about you two, so the portrait sessions both alone and together before and after the ceremony are essential. Usually this occurs after the ceremony while everyone is headed to the cocktail hour. This is where our team shines by creating fun, creative and romantic shots of just you two.


During the romantics session, another photographer will capture all the pre-game fun of the cocktail hour with mingling family and friends in a candid and light-hearted way. Still executing clean composition and non-clutter, there will be no open mouths munching on horderves or awkward faces.


We have put together a system that works for clients and our small family-like team. We proudly offer two photography teams, one videography team and open-style photo booth so clients can get 3-in-1 service from us!

Working with Us

Clients have raved about their attention to detail and professionalism throughout the engagement session to the end of the wedding reception. Their team has been praised on making shy couples feel completely comfortable and beautiful on camera.

View more of their reviews here and here.

Their work has been featured in numerous media, press and blogs as well click here to see some of our published works.

Additionally every couple usually emails their prospective photographer before anything else. KLV Photography is incredibly fast at responding to emails and it’s almost always mentioned in their reviews. Clients have never waited more than 24 hours to hear back from them.

Our shooters are not only professional with our couples, but respectful of their guests as well. We all know that uncle that not everybody loves, but had to invite. It’s their promise to always be respectful and decent.

Not only do we deliver great images to our clients (obviously) but other vendors in the business find them incredibly useful. We are all part of the same industry and love supporting fellow wedding coordinators, florists and venues. Please ask about our connections and recommendations if you need any.


The Editing/ Post Processing:

After hanging on every moment in the wedding, and sending off couples into the sunset, there’s a special treatment that happens to every photo that is delivered. That is the post processing. Every image is judged three times.

The first time is when the image is worthy of being shot in the first place (in the moment).

The second time is on the editing screen where its larger and can be adjusted for enhancements or fixes. This is the most time consuming part as a typical wedding usually is around 800-1500 processed images. You can see the difference in a good photo and a great photo below.

It’s with the skilled eye of your photographer’s vision and time spent on each photo that this effect is achieved. Nothing is too loud or trendy, and the natural beauty of the subject and composition is enhanced just right for a timeless look to your photographs.


The Engagement Session:

Couples who participate in an engagement session with their photographer have said that it definitely helped them feel more comfortable and natural with our photographers by the time the wedding day came. It’s very similar to seeing an old friend again that knows your story and has “warmed you up” with the experience of a camera following your every move.

It’s a great way to feel less shy or stiff in your images. Which we’re no stranger to ourselves, please find some resources below on being photographed for the first time.

Don’t forget; if scheduled on time, these images serve very well for your save-the-date invitations for your guests!


Our Albums:

Showcasing your favorite images in a custom-designed and bound album is a special way of immortalizing your wedding intimate way. Viewing the images on a computer is one way of doing it, but flipping through your story allows you to take in the moment and pause between each page. It’s almost as if you’re there once again.

Meeting with Us

Upon initially contacting via email and if we are available, we can address any other questions you have during our online consultation. Meetings typically last about 30 minutes to an hour and we’ll ask you about how you met and where you’re at in your planning stages. Couples usually tell us their proposal story and their personality traits so we can get to know each other.

We then take you through a guided tour of your option of albums that show each couple the typical layout and structure of what the wedding day will be like. This is almost always helpful for first time brides. We know it can be overwhelming so we are here to help you through the normal routine of things.

Next, we’ll discuss engagement sessions (not always done) but definitely recommended to get familiar with the process of taking photos and save the date photos. We’ll answer any questions you may have about venues, vendors and albums.

Other than that, we can't wait to meet you! And we'd love for you to get to know who we are as a company and as a couple.

Please click here to see what we've been up to this year. 


Our Promise

After each session our photographers go through each photo, keeping the good ones and eliminating the bad ones. Bad photos are closed eyes, redundant images, or unflattering poses. There is no limit how many good photos are delivered. Engagement session photos are scheduled via an app we use so that less time is wasted figuring out the best time that works.

Photos are delivered either an online proof gallery protected by password and/ or are delivered in a  custom USB drive via mail. Wedding photos are delivered in our beautiful wooden keepsake boxes that house wooden USBs that contain all your images, plus an online viewing gallery.

Individual professional prints can be purchased for friends and family as well.

We are currently accepting 2021 and 2022 wedding inquiries.

Limited availability remaining for the 2020 year. Please fill out the form on the contact page to view our wedding packages and schedule an online consultation to meet our team.