Our Equipment

We just love cooking documentaries like Chefs Table.

Everybody has to eat, so the challenge comes from designing and manipulating the tools and the ingredients into fine dining that may cost a pretty penny.

Well, fine art wedding photography is very similar. If you listen to a experienced chef and a photographer talk about their craft, they often use the same words.

With that said, a chef will often give the credit of wonderful creations due to the farmers and cultivators of the ingredients they use. So like a chef, we want to use the best tools and ingredients to create the stories we tell during the numerous weddings that cross our lenses.

Here’s a breakdown of our equipment and what we use them for. We want you to know that we take our passion and craft very seriously and not only find our joy in the final product of photographing, but also in the making of each image time after time.

Canon DSLR bodies
Each photographer will have two bodies on them at all times. This is to usually have one close up angle and one wide angle. This is especially important during the ceremony so that no moment is missed and all creative opportunities are captured for the client. This is the newest and top of the line camera for wedding photography.


Canon 24mm Prime
A super wide angle lens usually used during reception time and large group shots


Canon 50mm Prime
A portrait lens used for single portraits and couple shots


Canon 35mm Prime
A solid versatile lens that can be used from beginning to end with little to no distortion, while still be a wide angle lens.


*Canon 70-200mm
A staple in the photographer’s bag, this range lens allows the photographer to keep a far distance from the subject and capture those emotional moments and close up shots. Also a great portrait lens.


Canon 100mm Prime
A lens primarily used for rings, and jewelry


*Canon 24-70mm
Another staple in the bag, the 24-70 is a range lens from wide to close up. It’s a great convenience during time crunched portions of the wedding for different creative angles during the portrait sessions, first looks, extremely versatile.


Canon 85mm
A tighter range lens that more or less stays in the bag and is used as a backup for close range shots.


Profoto external lighting remote and sync

These are extremely high quality and consistent external light systems that are cordless and more reliable than most lighting systems out there. We use these for creative plays with light, low-light situations and night shots.


Canon on-camera flash units

Accompanying our cameras, each one has an on-body flash for on-the go light in quick low-light situations. These flash are used only to mimic natural light. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too obvious that flash is actually being used, keeping to the ambience of the actual event while balancing proper exposure of the subject.

We hope by exposing our equipment and giving you our specific uses you may understand our process and photography philosophy deeper.