Rancho Las Lomas Wedding with Stephanie and Darren

“Stephanie and Darren first met at an undergrad Chinese Association event (even though neither were active members). The event required people to make a cardboard kingdom. Darren was the king of the kingdom, and Stephanie was merely a civilian. Sadly, their kingdom was conquered, but their first meeting made quite an impression. Darren thought Stephanie was so cute. Stephanie thought Darren was a poser because he was wearing one of those Urban Outfitter John Coltrane t-shirt. Who would have thought Darren actually knew his music!

6 months later…

    Stephanie and Darren met through a mutual friend. Darren talked about his love for Taiwan and teaching English abroad. Stephanie was amazed and SO attracted to Darren’s international experience. She told her girlfriend, Krystal (Yok-bing) about this cute guy, and insisted that when Krystal hung out with Darren to invite her too.  [that never happened]. 

Months later…

    Krystal finally invited Stephanie to a get together with Darren. Stephanie batted her eyes, and Darren winked. Then Darren showed Stephanie his handmade Ponyo boat! Stephanie knew she had to date this guy! The rest was history. ” – Their wedding website

Florist: Bloom of Time, DJ: DJTempo, Hair: BeautyinMotion, Planner: MadLoveEvents