Whimsical Green Gables Garden Estate in San Marcos Wedding with Krystal and Jake

“I love jake’s jokes, kindness, and warm hugs- Krystal”
“I love krystal’s unconditional support for me, her smile, and the fact that we are best friends – Jake”

Having met in high school, the pair didn’t come together until college and since then have not looked back. On the morning of their wedding day, rain was forecasted however that would not dull their spirits nor celebrations. As each even unfurled, emotions were met with tears, laughter, and never ending smiles.

The historic and whimsical Green Gables Garden Estate was their little piece of heave tucked amidst the city. With lush green ivy covered arbors, the dated school house, and twinkling lights it was everything that they could have dreamed of. While of course bringing their best friend on four little paws.

As the rain trickled down, everyone but the couple ran for cover. Instead, as husband and wife Krystal and Jake took up each other’s hand and strolled into the dreamy glow of the night. With a breath of fresh air and love in their eyes, we can only imagine what their journey has in store for them yet as newlyweds.

Photographed by Kevin and Team

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