Watercolor Sunset Angeles Forest Engagement with Jackie and Bruce

“We’re adventure over glamor, silly more than sexy and have quirks that work”

She’s from Texas and he’s from Iowa. While these star crossed lovers were seemingly far in distance, Jackie and Bruce met in Chicago and the rest is history! Now as true Angelenos do, they explored the great outdoors in the high mountains of Angeles Forest for their dreamy watercolor sunset engagement.

Needless to say the temperatures were beyond freezing, however their spirit and warmth never faltered as they ran across the snow, cuddled in their favorite blankets, and peaked out to the mountains. Snowcapped and flourishing with fresh pines, the sun sank turning the sky from a blueish pink to an ice cream popsicle magenta gold.

We sincerely can’t wait to capture your wedding day and thank you for these moments in between.

Photographed by Jenna