Vivid and Colorful Spring Forward Engagement with Tricia and Mikael

The clocks have turned and we know it’s spring as the rain begins to soak the dry ground as winter traces ebbs away. This reveals bold, vivid colors with floral arrangements appearing left and right naturally. For Tricia and Mikael, this meant the best of both worlds for their engagement session.

With the charm of bokeh dried white reeds to potent pops of red and purples, the only thing that shined brighter was their sweetness towards one another. We later took the literal spring in our steps to the ocean, where they finished with the sun setting behind them. 

The day leading up to your wedding is meant to be shared with friends and family, because it is a celebration of the union between you both. Something particularly special about the family tree of Tricia and Mikael, is the fact that we photographed his brother’s wedding as well. Not only do we have the pleasure of capturing these memories for you, but the chance of doing so for the people closest to you means so much. Thank you again Tricia and Mikael for having us capture your special moments.

Photographed by Kevin