Vivian and Mike’s Super Chic Wedding Affair at Venue Three Petals

Vivian and Mike’s wedding was the epitome of super chic style and elegance at Venue Three Petals and Christ Cathedral. The couple first met at the gym in 2016, and their lives eventually led them to this gorgeous day where they tied the knot.

The sun shone down on Christ Cathedral, reflecting brilliantly against the church’s glass windows like a star. But even the magnificent cathedral paled in comparison to our beautiful bride, who wore a minimalistic mermaid gown with a daring dropped back and sheer elbow gloves. Her groom matched her energy with a clean tailored three-piece black suit and the sharpest of bow ties.

Together, they stood in front of their loved ones, declaring their love and commitment to each other. With one swift movement, Mike took Vivian into an epic dip kiss to seal the deal, and the crowd erupted in applause and cheers.

As the sun dropped in the sky, everyone retired to Venue Three Petals to get the party started. The decor was classic, with a theme of black hardware and white floral adornments. Pops of disco balls brought a modern feel, tying the reception all together. Bottles were served, dances were had on the dance floor, and unforgettable memories were made.

Photographed by Kevin and Team