Vintage Glamour Wedding at The Ebell of Los Angeles: Kristeen and Nick’s Timeless Love Story

When vintage glamour met modern elegance, Kristeen and Nick’s wedding at The Ebell of Los Angeles became a celebration to remember. Their love story, born amidst dental school lectures and blossomed through shared workouts and passions, was adorned with timeless charm and a touch of Hollywood sophistication on this beautiful day.

The venue, a blend of historical charm and modern sophistication, mirrored their journey and love story. Friends and family gathered to celebrate their commitment, surrounded by the elegance of the Ebell’s stunning architecture. Adding to the day’s magic, Nick surprised Kristeen with a classic red Buick, their exotic car rental for the event. The vintage car, a nod to old Hollywood glam, perfectly complemented the day’s theme and highlighted the couple’s unique style.

As they exchanged vows and danced the night away, it was clear that Kristeen and Nick’s love story was one for the ages. From dental school strangers to lifelong partners, their journey was a testament to persistence, patience, and the magic of love.

For those still searching for their happily ever after, Nick and Kristeen’s story serves as a reminder: sometimes, a little persistence and a shared workout can lead to a lifetime of love.

Photographed by Kevin and Sean