St. Andrew Catholic Church Wedding in Pasadena with Lina and Renier

Lina and Renier marry in the most glam way at St. Andrew Catholic Church and later take the party to the Metropol in Glendale.

Lina and Renier are high school’s sweethearts. Here is their story:

“It was my birthday, October 8, 2016. My-now-fiancé was dodging my calls for the past few days. Making excuses like “I went to an interview” “I needed to help my mom with errands.” I was already hinting that he was up to no good. He told me that we were going to have dinner in the tallest building in downtown LA and that I should dress up because the restaurant is very fancy. He picked me up and when I first saw him, I thought “Oh he is probably going to propose tonight because he is wearing a suit.” The whole car ride to downtown LA, he seemed very nervous and anxious. He brought me to LA Skyspace and when we arrived at the top floor, forty of my friends and family were lined up and everyone said “Happy Birthday.” I was in total shock, I even said “what are you all doing here.” When my fiancé walked me over to the glass windows overlooking the city, he kneeled down, said some gibberish words, and said “Will you marry me.” Of course, I said yes. Yes to the man of my dreams in front of the most important people in my life. At the end of the night, it turned out my friends and family didn’t know he was going to propose. My fiancé said that the only way to keep it a secret is to say it was a surprise birthday for me and that my fiancé would pay for everyones admission fee. He orchestrated the whole thing.” – Quoted from their wedding website