Spanish Zoo Themed Wedding at Rancho Las Lomas with Allen and Nicole

Along the outskirts of the Silverado hills, there’s a rehabilitation center for a random assortment of beautiful animals that doubles as a entirely private venue that houses an all-in-one solution for couples. With valet for your guests and exotic animals, Rancho Las Lomas is bride favorite.

The facility is well kept and the animals are all comfortably taken care of. The established landscape adds a photogenic background at every angle. We’ve seen an evolution and a popularity with this place and is a favorite of ours as well.

If you’re looking for an inside or outside reception this place can do both and accommodate 100 guests well. The Spanish architecture is all maintained and suits the elegant and organic vision boards of most brides. I love venues like this because you don’t have to do too much for the decor. It feels very natural and its own aesthetic is great.