Mission San Juan Capistrano Engagement with Stacey and Jason

Today we have Stacey and Jason with their engagement at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Here’s their awesome story together.

March 2010: Stacey and Jason first officially met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Credit to (Best Man) Chris Ecker, for introducing Jason as THE – Jason – Sloan . After a night of flirtation and many smooth pick-up lines, Stacey and Jason began dating shortly after.

Enter Stacey:

“Each day, like a real gentleman, Jason would stop by the Spurlock residence to pick Stacey up for a date night. After countless Thursday night softball games, many HIGH-FIVES while watching the Packers on the big screen, several dinners at Gyu-Kaku, weekly movie dates, numerous family gatherings, and after bringing home their fur-baby, Coco… flash-forward to August 12, 2017 when Jason popped the question!”

August 12, 2017 ~ JW Marriott Resort in Palm Springs, California: A 112-degree day filled with golf, pool time, lots of sun and plenty of laughs. Later, exhausted and full from dinner, we headed back to our hotel room.

While we chatted about future plans, Jason casually walked across the room and started to rustle around in his bag. Assuming that he was trying to deviously steal her Hot Cheetos, when Stacey opened her eyes and saw what was in front of her, she quickly rose from the bed.

Next to the edge of the bed and down on one knee, was Jason. In his hands was a small brown velvet box, containing a perfectly displayed ring (her dream ring, which had been saved on her Pinterest board for who knows how long).

Heart pounding and with the most genuine emotion, he asked her, “Will you marry me?” Still in shock, the only words that she could manage to get out were, “Is this a joke!?” Immediately followed by, “YES! OF COURSE!”