San Gabriel Mountain Foggy Winter Engagement with Katherine and Steven

The San Gabriel Mountains provided an ideal canvas for Katherine and Steven’s engagement session. The mountain range is located just outside Los Angeles, featuring picturesque trails and lush forests that stretch out over the mountainside. Despite the freezing winter temperatures, the couple decided to brave the elements for a breathtaking engagement session.

Katherine and Steven’s love story began with an online connection that quickly blossomed into a beautiful relationship of shared hobbies and values, yet balancing personalities. It was plain to see how much they cared for one another; and just like that, the weather took a turn.

A hazy fog rolled over the mountains just before sunset, creating a romantic and moody atmosphere. A soft white blanket coated the forest and rugged terrain. No matter how rough the land may seem, it remained an unparalleled beauty and is a reminder of how we create balance in our relationships. Standing side by side like the evergreens first pictured, and for years to come supporting one another.

Photographed by Jenna