Emily and Bruce’s Modern Boho and Warm Winter Engagement

He loves the forest and she adores the beach, why not combine the two when celebrating the beginning of forever. We love a stark contrast when desired by our couples because it boasts the most variety of gorgeous Californian nature backdrops. 

Emily and Bruce encapsulated a hip modern boho fusion with their wardrobe, keeping it clean with monochromatic tones with a splash of brown. This in turn enhanced the clustered oak trees and open aquatic views that framed the two of them. Although simple were their outfits, their expressions were anything but that. Their eyes full of adoration for one another and lips whispering hushed tones of “I love you”. 

As the sun began to set, a cold rush of air set in as the waves crashed at the shore. As natural as the pose was set, they held each other tight for the final epic shot and kiss. 

Photographed by Kevin