Nat and Lauren Destination Wedding in Convict Lake

Nat and Lauren finally get to marry during this questionable year of postponements and venue closures. Planning this trip up to Mammoth to visit one of Nat and Lauren’s favorite places at Convict Lake took alot of patience, work and luck!

Kevin and Bryan took off a day before to beautiful weather and on the day of the wedding, everyone was hit with high-speed winds and incredible snowfall.

On the day, we asked Nat and Lauren to write a little something about their relationship:

When Nat and I met in college we were just two people who were raised in different cities with different upbringings. But as we got to know each other better through our chemistry classes and labs, our friendship grew and love blossomed. We’ve been with each other through some highs in life and some lows, we’ve fought about indifferences but recovered. But if there is one thing that has kept our relationship strong and exciting, it is our itch for adventure, thrill, and spontaneity. 

Yes, we enjoy traveling to new places, like leaving on a weekend trip across the country right after a full day of work on a Friday, flying back on a Sunday night, and waking up early again to go back to work on a Monday morning, driving to the top of California and back down in one day, or backpacking around Japan for a week with just a carry on sized backpack each. But there’s one place that we always go back to multiple times, every year: Mammoth.

Mammoth has become a place that feels like home but still provides us with new adventure and experiences. Often gone during the winter season, snuggling up by the fireplace in our Airbnb after a day of snowboarding, walking around Convict Lake to enjoy some peace and quiet in nature, or attempting to but failing to sit in a scalding hot spring has given us some good and funny memories. However, that wasn’t always the case. Our relationship was put to the test many times from some not so smart life choices. There were times when we depended on each other to keep warm and safe when we got stuck on the slopes during a blizzard, car camping in sub freezing temperatures, or back country snowboarding, which is only meant for the experienced, when I was only a beginner.
Our experiences in Mammoth have brought comfort, happiness, laughter, and sometimes fear. And through those experiences we have built communication, trust, and respect for each other, and for that Mammoth is a place that will always be special to us. 

Photographed by Kevin and Bryan.