Nancy and Eric’s Magical Engagement Session in the Winter Wilderness

Nancy and Eric shares a passion for exploring the great outdoors. They love nothing more than packing up their camping gear and heading off into the wilderness for a weekend of hiking and sleeping under the stars. With their engagement session coming up, they knew they wanted to capture the essence of their shared love for nature, and so they decided on a woodsy, snow-filled theme to reflect the winter storms California had been receiving.

As they had their engagement with the snowy landscape, they couldn’t help but feel grateful for the beauty of nature and the opportunity to share it with each other. The peacefulness of the woods made them feel at ease and brought them closer together, reminding them of the simple pleasures in life.

Overall, Nancy and Eric’s engagement session was a beautiful tribute to their shared love of the outdoors and each other. The snowy woodland setting was the perfect backdrop for capturing their joy and excitement as they embark on the next chapter of their lives together. It was a reminder that sometimes the simplest things, like a walk in the woods, can be the most meaningful and memorable experiences.

Photographed by Kevin