Milagro Farm Winery Wedding in San Diego County with Briana and Robert

We had the wonderful opportunity to drive deep into the heart of San Diego County into Ramona, CA at the beautiful venue Milagro Farm Winery.

In Robert and Briana’s words, here’s why they chose Milagro:
“We don’t talk much about choosing the right venue on the site, but we basically, or shall I say, I basically wanted a romantic setting where we could bring in our own catering and entertainment. And of course at a winery because we love wine! 🙂 Milagro was the second venue we went to and I fell in love. By the look on my face, Robert knew Milagro was it. He wasn’t sold on it at first, but he says once he saw my face we had to have it there. I just loved the romantic Italian house and cave and of course all of the vines. Seeing how everything came together that day was truly amazing.”

Here’s their story:

“Our story began when we became friends in 2014. We were both part of an adult softball rec league in Long Beach. One game led to a full season, and one season led to many seasons playing side by side. We developed a bond that carried itself past softball. We were both victims of an undeniable friendship that grew into something we both never knew we needed.

As we got to know one another we realized we had many similarities. Other than having so much in common, our genuine companionship sparked our love. We not only fell in love, but we became best friends. We have grown and flourished together as a couple. Our strong foundation has helped us through many challenges, but those things have only brought us closer together.

Love stories are unique when you come across someone who makes your heart beat. Our love was not planned, nor did we see it coming, but it was the best thing that happened to both of us. We are truly blessed to have one another. We cannot wait to start the beginning to our eternity.”

P.S. From Robert

“We met while playing recreational softball on a team for a mutual friend. After every game, the team would hang out at a bar to eat and socialize. Bri and I developed a cool friendship which eventually led to us dating.

The proposal was a little nerve wrecking because i wanted to make it special. I had the ring for 6 months before i even proposed. The timing was never right. In December, Bri won a gift card for 100 bucks at South Coast Winery in Temecula, which is across the street from our favorite winery Carter Estate (where we stayed for our first anni). I thought to myself, this is it, it’s now or never. I told Bri, let’s go to temecula, use the gift card, and drive back. Little did she know, i booked a bungalow at Carter Estate. We were running a little late, and i wanted to do a sunset proposal. once we arrived, i checked us in and i let the crew know that i am going to propose and if they could take my work iPhone and SLR in my trunk and take pictures of us while i propose. Once we got to the room, Bri could tell i was a bit ancy. Our room had direct access to the vineyard, and i suggested to Bri to go out there and walk around, she refused because she didn’t want to ruin her boots. I insisted and she went. i popped the question got on one knee and the rest is history.

The planning for the wedding was a bit stressful. It really tested our relationship and patience. The planning brought us closer together. I must say that Bri was never a Bridezilla. She did the majority of the planning and did an exceptional job. I was very stubborn and said no to a lot of things, but we came together and the wedding was amazing!!! THANKS BABE!!! 🙂

Venues are important, but not a lot of thought went into it. We went off of feels. Bri was GLOWING when we checked the venue out. I just wanted her happy. I said yes, because i couldn’t deny her happiness. She knew it was the one, i couldn’t see it lol, but she knew it was the one. Photography and Food are huge items as well.The rest just falls into place.

If i must provide some advice, it will be, don’t say, “i dont care, or it doesn’t matter” listen to each other and provide feedback. Second, hire Kevin because he is not only the coolest and nicest dude ever, he’s also an amazing artist. Third, have fun and enjoy every moment of the process, because before you know it, it is all over!”