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Photojournalistic Style Maternity Photography from Award-winning Photographers
in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and magical experience for women and their partners that it simply must be immortalized, so to speak, with maternity photography. Photos capture the moment in time when your body was changing so beautifully, your skin was glowing so radiantly, and your face shone with happiness so wonderfully. Indeed, photos preserve personal memories, which allow your family including the child you are carrying to see your happiness at being an expectant mother! Not all maternity photos, however, are created equal. Yes, you can take personal photos using your personal camera, your smartphone or your tablet in a point-and-shoot manner but your amateur results most likely will not rival the professional results achieved by experienced maternity photographers. Your best course of action then when it comes to the best possible results in maternity photography is to hire a professional photographer. But there are certain things that you can do to make your maternity photos the best. Keep in mind these tips from professional photographers:

    • Be mindful of your timing. The best time to show off your pregnancy is at the seven month-mark because your body has developed a great shape, which you will want to capture at its glory. Yes, you also have the option of chronicling your pregnancy with month-by-month photos, if you so desire.
    • Eschew makeup but you should work toward maintaining healthy skin. The best maternity photographer will be able to capture your inner and outer glow by letting in the light, among other tricks of the trade. Makeup will only mask your radiant skin so much so that even the best equipment will be rendered near-useless.

Let your personality shine. The core of maternity photography is to showcase your personal happiness over your pregnancy so letting your personality shine is a must. Choose clothes that fit your style. Discuss the setting of your photos (i.e., studio or outdoors) so that the best time can be set.

  • Get your family in on the photos. Your pregnancy is cause for happiness for your family so it makes sense to include them in the shots.

Most important of all, you must surrender control to the maternity photographer. You should have discussed the specific shots beforehand but when in the actual shoot, you must let the professional photographer take the lead of the photo shoot. You hired him because you trust his capabilities in maternity photography in the first place. Truly, it is important to hire a professional maternity photographer, one whom you can trust to deliver the desired results. You will enjoy benefits like standard work, best use of flow and timing, and a photojournalistic approach in the images, among others.

With these things in mind, your best bet in maternity photography is none other than Kevin Le Vu Photography, acclaimed team of professional photographers with experience in both maternity and newborn photography. Think of our team as somebody who can chronicle your journey in motherhood via excellent photos. Call Kevin Le Vu Photogaraphy at 714-261-0397 or email us from our Contact Page for your further details on maternity photos now.

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