Love Takes Flight: Nancy and Lawrence Unforgettable Hangar 21 Wedding

On a picturesque day that seemed straight out of a fairy tale, Nancy and Lawrence exchanged their vows at the stunning Hangar 21 wedding venue with their friends, family, and dogs!

The celebration was a true reflection of their personalities and shared interests. As the sun painted the sky with hues of gold and pink, Nancy and Lawrence’s love was elevated to new dimensions when they made their grand entrance to their reception aboard a helicopter. The energy in the air was electric as they touched down to the melodic tunes of “Higher Love” by Kygo and Whitney Houston, an anthem that perfectly encapsulated their journey.

But the festivities were not complete without the presence of their beloved golden retrievers, who joined the celebration with wagging tails and infectious joy. As dedicated dog parents, Nancy and Lawrence knew that their special day wouldn’t be complete without their furry companions.

Nancy and Lawrence are a testament to the magic that happens when two souls with different personalities and a multitude of shared interests come together. Their love story isn’t just a tale of romance, but a journey of discovery, growth, and the enduring power of companionship.

Photographed by Jenna and Sean

Vendors of the Day

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