Love in Downtown Culver City Engagement with Judy and Jonathan

Judy and Jonathan’s love story began at Chica’s Tacos in Downtown Culver City, where margaritas and six-hour conversations set the stage for their journey. Jonathan’s declaration of love during a Valentine’s trip to Temecula led to them moving in together and eventually buying a home near Judy’s childhood neighborhood.

On April Fools’ Day atop Hallasan in Jeju Island, South Korea, Jonathan proposed, sealing their commitment amidst breathtaking scenery. Their engagement session in Downtown Culver City captured the essence of their love against artistic streets and architectural wonders, culminating in a sunset silhouette against the city skyline. Each photo not only portrays their love but also the memories woven into the city they cherish. As they embark on this next chapter, Judy and Jonathan’s love story continues to unfold against the backdrop of their shared adventures.

Photographed by Kevin