Journey from Highschool Sweethearts to The Colony House in Anaheim with Ciaran and King

High school brought them together, and destiny reunited them a decade later. Ciaran and King’s love story blossomed from shared memories, including a cherished senior Homecoming dance and a recent engagement at the Noguchi Garden.

When it came to choosing their wedding venue, fate seemed to guide them to The Colony House in Anaheim. Ciaran stumbled upon it during a search and, upon visiting, they instantly fell in love. The venue’s charm, particularly the enchanting succulent wall and intimate upstairs bar, aligned perfectly with their vibe.

This love story finds its perfect setting amidst the backdrop of The Colony House, where Ciaran and King plan to capture their most cherished moments against these picturesque features. Their journey reminds us that sometimes, love stories find their way back to where they began, weaving destiny into an unforgettable celebration of love.

Photographed by Kevin and Sean