Hotel Maya Wedding with Aprilyn and Josh

Josh and Aprilyn wed at Hotel Maya in Long Beach!

From our couple:
“Thanks to the glory of Blackberry Messenger (yes, good ol BBM) and Facebook — despite being on opposite ends of the country — Josh and Aprilyn were able to keep in touch at the click of the thumbs. On December 2008, Josh had posted to Aprilyn’s Facebook wall, “Hey yo. Summer. You better watch out. You won’t know what will hit you.” Foreshadow for what was to come!”

Read their proposal story here:
“Josh planned on asking Aprilyn’s parents for their blessing to marry their daughter well before their trip to Paris in 2016, but his only chance was the same day they were flying out. Aprilyn’s father is usually a very busy man when he comes to LA, so it was a challenge to get his attention. Thankfully, Josh found the opportunity and was able to ask both of her parents just before they were prepping to leave for LAX. Mrs. Soliman was mainly intrigued by the ring; Colonel Soliman, however, had but one thing to say, “I don’t have any objections, as long as you promise to love her forever.”

While roaming the streets of Paris – ring in backpack – Josh felt like the ring was burning a hole in his back the entire time. The Eiffel Tower was the planned proposal site, but without prior lay of the land, Josh felt nervous. It didn’t help that the Trocadero, the gardens, and up to the Tower itself was full of pedestrians and buskers alike. After circling back, Josh, Aprilyn, and her mother, settled in the gardens near the carousel to watch the Eiffel Tower Light Show. With the sun quickly setting on their first full day in Paris, Josh felt like he was losing the opportunity. Meanwhile, Aprilyn — who had an inkling that the proposal would happen sometime during this trip …or at least she hoped — had already given up on the idea for that day, sweater on and no lipstick in sight.

Thankfully, with Mrs. Soliman’s assistance in setting the couple up for a photo, Josh was able to muster up enough courage to get down on one knee and ask Aprilyn for her hand in marriage. Needless to say, she was genuinely surprised! To have such a dream proposal — Paris, Eiffel Tower, at twilight, and with Aprilyn’s mother present to witness this milestone, she felt truly blessed. Joshua and Aprilyn spent the rest of their time in the City of Light and Love, even more in love._ – From their wedding website on Zola

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