Heartwarming Evening Wedding at Los Angeles Athletic Club with Sofia and Nathan

It was a warm evening as the LA skyline lit up on the rooftop of Los Angeles Athletic Club where Sofia and Nathan said ‘I Do’. When Los Angeles was but a dusty town filled with about 11,000 folks the community then deemed physical activity as an absolute must. With that, Los Angeles Athletic Club was formed becoming LA’s first private club.

Rich in history and known for it’s elevated ‘old money’ interior design, Sofia and Nathan knew that it would be the perfect location to bring family and friends for what would become the most heartwarming evening for their wedding day. Happy tears were shed and the teams of familiar faces were brimming with delightful smiles. The newlyweds couldn’t keep their eyes off of one another, even as the city lights sparkled in the distance. The best view was staring right back at them.

Photographed by Jenna and Nathan