Hartley Botanical Wedding with Caitlinn and Kevin

The big day is finally in the works! Even after all this time, we still get asked how we met and what life together is like so we thought we would share a little bit about our journey:

In the world of dance, Caitlinn and Kevin’s story began to take shape. They were familiar with each other through the vibrant dance community, but it wasn’t until that serendipitous move-in day at UC Riverside in 2014 that their paths truly crossed. From that moment forward, Caitlinn and Kevin have been inseparable, their lives dancing to the same beat.

Dance was not just a shared passion; it was the thread that wove their love story together. They joined dance clubs as partners, their connection on the dance floor transcending into a beautiful journey of togetherness. Their love grew stronger as they discovered the world side by side, exploring new places, cultures, and cuisines. The adventure of traveling became an adventure in love, and they built a life filled with cherished memories.

Seven years of dating led to an unforgettable moment in October 2021. It was at the Rise Lantern Festival in Las Vegas, surrounded by their closest friends and the soft, glowing lanterns illuminating the night sky, that Kevin asked Caitlinn for forever. Rise Lantern Festival had always held a special place in their hearts, but now it was the backdrop to a love story that would last a lifetime.

Caitlinn and Kevin’s wedding at Hartley Botanica was a beautiful testament to their love, surrounded by the serenity of nature and the embrace of loved ones. As they embarked on this incredible journey of marriage, their radiant smiles and heartfelt vows filled the day with warmth and joy. Here’s to Caitlinn and Kevin, may your days be filled with endless love, laughter, and an abundance of happiness for all the years to come.

Photographed by Kevin and Sean