Glamorous Beverly Hills Engagement at Greystone Mansion with Gen and Joseph

Take a stroll through a historic garden estate in Beverly Hills at the glamorous Greystone Mansion for Gen and Joseph’s engagement session.

This palatial manor built in 1927 features abundant use of stone infrastructure with a somber yet magnificent gray appearance. After 9 years of being together, Gen and Joseph were ready to take the next step and they chose this stunning venue to capture their special moment.

As they walked hand in hand, they stopped every few steps to admire their surroundings. The expansive gardens, early blooms, and outdoor fountains made for the perfect backdrop. They steadily brought out each emotion in ease and comfort, laughing and holding one another tenderly.

We ended the session with the sky exploding into warm pinks and purples-capturing their love framed against stunning views of the city lights and skyscrapers.

Photographed by Jenna