Genuine Love at the Cicada Club with Nicole and Matt

I loved putting this collection together with Nicole and Matt. They were so fun, carefree and loving and those in-between moments.

Here’s a little input from Matt and Nicole:
“We met in high school! Matt and I had the same locker location. He had the locker above my stack and I was far below.

We’re goofy and we have a great sense of humor. we try to keep things light, but the core of our relationship is partnership. We treat each other with the utmost respect and love, and we never go to bed upset.

It was between making our wedding very picturesque or very “us”, and we decided to go with things that speaks to us, our personalities, creativity, and shared history.

We’ve picked music for the procession that speaks to us and our character, like “Love Goes On” from Robin Hood, and “Africa” by Toto.

Our invitations recount our history together. We met in high school and where locker buddies. The envelope is a locker, and each card of the invitation suite is a typical locker item like a textbook, registration/attendance card, and gram.”

We want everybody to spontaneously burst into a coordinated & choreographed song and dance like a musical. But nothing from La La Land or uptown funk.