Flourishing High Desert Engagement at Vasquez Rocks with Serena and Mark

Serena and Mark met in school and from that day on, they found a deep sense of comfort, love, and companionship in each other. Being avid rock climbers, they share a passion for the outdoors. For their engagement shoot, we wanted to capture their adventurous spirit while showcasing their love for each other. So we headed off to the picturesque Vasquez Rocks in formal attire.

Despite the location being in the high desert, the rain season that we experienced this winter brought a rare and flourishing green spread to the reddish jagged landscape. The grand rock formations at Vasquez Rocks served as the perfect frame for our engagement shoot, with the dynamic couple at the center.

As the day progressed, we climbed from one rock to another, slowly working our way up to the highest point. Along the way, we found that despite the heights and obstacles, Serena and Mark kept each other grounded.

Their engagement shoot at Vasquez Rocks was a testament to their adventurous spirits and the bond they share. They showed us that no matter the circumstances, they are each other’s rock.

Photographed by Jenna