Elegant Garden Engagement in Los Angeles with Kyle and Theresa

Let us introduce you to Kyle and Theresa and their love story:

“Kyle and Theresa met during their final semester at Cypress High School. They had seen each other throughout the school years, but never finally met until a mutual friend had introduced them. They started as friends, but as the days and weeks passed, they got closer.

There was a point during the semester where school didn’t start until late morning. Weeks prior to that day, Kyle and his friends planned to go to the Heritage Family Pantry for that morning, a breakfast diner spot in Long Beach, CA. A few days before the get-together, Kyle had invited Theresa to join him and his friends for breakfast. She agreed. However, as the days passed, Kyle’s friends started to drop out of the planned breakfast.

On the day of the event, only Kyle and Theresa were left of the group. Kyle picked up Theresa at school, and they drove off to breakfast. They arrived at Heritage to a nearly empty diner – it was a weekday after all. They enjoyed conversation and shared numerous laughs. Kyle (obviously) paid for the both of them, and, with full bellies, they were on their way back to school.

As they got closer to school, they realized that there was at least an hour left before school started. They agreed to go to Kyle’s house to watch some TV and digest before heading back to school. They watched some cartoons on the TV, sitting on separate couches.

Moments passed as The Fairly OddParents played. They were enjoying each other’s company. As Kyle looked over at Theresa on the other couch, he heard her laugh heartily at the TV. When he heard her laugh, he laughed too and took a look at her and her smile. Then, he had a thought: “I’m going to marry this girl someday…” She didn’t notice him look at her because she was too focused on the TV. After the show ended, they noticed it was time to leave for school. And, so, with full bellies and curious hearts, they left.”
From their wedding website