Cody and Brianna Engaged in the forest with dalmatians Jackson and Jazzy

The first thing you’ll notice about Cody and Brianna is their love that comes so easy for one another. Together almost nine years, their bond is still going strong, still very youthful and full of adventure.

Strolling through the cool beautiful mountain tops, Cody and Brianna filled the scene with their playful love accompanied by their canine family “Jackson and Jazzy.” What was scheduled to be an engagement shoot, felt almost like a family photo session at times!

With Cody and Brianna both being familiar with being in front of the camera, as they have experience in social media vlogging, capturing them was an absolute pleasure! The natural backdrop was the perfect setting for these two, not only because the emerald gown that Brianna wore fit the scene so seamlessly, but also because the relationship between these two is organically beautiful and natural.

Walking off in the sunset with their furry companions as the tree line glows from golden hour was the best way we could have capped off this lovely adventure. We at KLV are looking forward to our next meeting with Cody and Brianna as we take on Hawaii next!

Photographed by Kevin.

Filmed by Bryan, Edited by Meg