Code of Conduct

All representatives of Kevin Le Vu Photography shall conduct themselves in a professional manner. Photography is a service based business so we expect that everyone understands our mission and method of delivery of that service.

Our mission

To provide a consistent photography product true to our current style and an experience to our clients and their relations that same experience of being professional, polite and punctual.


All black attire for events. Proper hygiene and cleanliness is absolute. See below for typical dress on wedding days.

Being “on-time”

We believe in being early rather than on-time. Being early gives buffer time to anything that could happen, which happens on a regular basis.

For wedding days, we usually all meet at the KLV home residence and ride all together for the event. If you are closer to the event from your residence you may drive from there.

Our schedule:

Please add our schedule and communicate with us regularly if there are any scheduling conflicts. However, we do expect most if not all wedding events be attended.

To add our schedule to your calendar simply sign in to our account (see instructions in email)


We are committed to providing you with the best learning experience and place of work with us while you’re with us, which is we hope for a long time. With that said, please feel free to communicate with us before and after events for any concerns.

We have an open door policy and encourage a healthy team atmosphere.