Chris and Caroline’s Enchanting Wedding at CRC Ranch Temecula

Chris and Caroline’s love story, which began on Coffee Meets Bagel, culminated in a breathtaking wedding at CRC Ranch in Temecula. This idyllic location, where rolling hills meet the sky, provided the perfect backdrop for their special day.

The couple chose CRC Ranch for its serene beauty and personal significance. Despite a light rain shower that swept through, the weather did not dampen their spirits. The air was filled with excitement and joy as Chris and Caroline prepared to marry their best friend.

Guests gathered overlooking the mountains, creating a picturesque scene as the couple exchanged vows. The rain added a touch of romance, making the day even more memorable. The ceremony was a beautiful blend of laughter, happy tears, and heartfelt promises.

As the sun set, the newlyweds and their loved ones celebrated with a reception full of love, laughter, and dancing. Chris and Caroline’s journey from an online connection to a mountain-view wedding was a testament to their deep bond and unwavering love.

Their wedding day at CRC Ranch was a perfect start to their new life together, surrounded by the natural beauty of Temecula and the warmth of family and friends. Chris and Caroline’s love story is a reminder that sometimes, the best adventures start with a simple connection.

Photographed by Jenna and Sean