Bulgarian Wedding at the Oviatt Penthouse with Desi and Kostadin

Wow. You never expect that this hot couple to be so kind and generous. The whole team had a blast capturing such a genuine couple who’s Bulgarian traditions were so interesting to behold. Once again, we venture to the Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown LA for their lovely wedding.

Get to know them:

“This is a story of girl meets boy. But you should know upfront this is not a love story. It is a story about love. Our story! And we want to make you part of it.

The girl, Desislava Belizarova (Dessi), grew up in Pleven, Bulgaria, but when she was 19 moved to California. The boy, Kostadin Panov (Koceto), was born in Asenovgrad, but chose to look for his happiness a little more to the west – in Seattle, WA. Little did he know that he will find HER in Los Angeles.

They met in August 2013. It wasn’t the right time nor the right place. However, against all odds they made it work.

She set her eyes on him and knew right there he was something else. Dessi never believed in love at first sight (she is still uncertain about this term). But the immediate attraction she felt towards him, couldn’t be explained in any other way. Kostadin, though, was clueless.

It wasn’t until a month and a half later when they saw each other again. This time he felt it too. He didn’t want to let her go. Not then, not ever. They spent a few (very short) hours talking nonsense and pretending they didn’t like each other. Dessi had a plan that did not include falling in love so she was trying to keep her distance. She wanted to focus on her career, move back to Bulgaria or live in Spain, learn to dance salsa, see as many sunsets as possible, and countless other sh*t she thought would make her happy. After this first official date, Koceto was restless. He was trying to find a way to show her that they have a future together and she can be happy with him.

Perhaps it was his hunter’s instinct making him chase after the pray he couldn’t have. Maybe it was love on the brain. Who knows? What we do know is that he never gave up. His persistence and endless optimism are the reasons you are now reading this story.

Kostadin proposed in September 2015 in Grand Park, Downtown Los Angeles. Dessi said something like this: “You are totally insane……(painfully long silence)…….Yes, yes, of course I will!”

They had many memorable moments together since they met. They moved in together, got their first car, started a business together. Trust me as I say, it wasn’t all good or romantic. But they have each other and they strongly believe they are meant to last a lifetime. Which brings us to the present.

In 2017, Dessi and Koceto decided to get married as a gift to each other. A gift that simply means that they have enjoyed their past together, they love their present together, and now they want to dedicate the rest of their future to helping each other achieve their goals.

They want to invite you to be their special guest and celebrate with them as they say “I do!” in front of you.”