Blue Hour Top of the World Laguna Engagement with Kristine and Patrick

‘Blue Hour’ is a less likely known term and not so commonly desired when chasing the light. However, what we especially love is the pink and cotton candy blues that develop once the sun has set. Therefore creating a dreamy and soft setting, perfect for framing their sweet love story at Top of the World in Laguna.

Kristine and Patrick were constantly laughing with each other, poking fun in playful banter while being extremely sweet. They ran, laughed, cuddled, and kissed all the while being game for more subtle poses with soft gazes.

Having grown up in the OC, Kristine recalled taking hikes at Top of the World and loved the idea of bringing it full circle. The sun sunk beneath a deep cloud cover revealing the cooler peach, pink, and blue tones. As the session came to close, we left to the highest point where they said small private vows to one another. Closing the night with a kiss.

Photographed by Jenna