Beautiful Fuscia Wedding at the Westin Hotel in Costa Mesa with Louise and Michael

This week we had captured the wedding of Michael and Louise at the Westin Hotel in Costa Mesa. It was a welcome revisit to one of the first places we photographed weddings. In the almost 10 years we’ve been in the business, it’s nice to circle back and bring new couples into old places.

Here are some words from our beautiful couple:

“We met each other during the first week of college and we didn’t talk to each other again other until 1 year later! We connected again, talked and laughed for 4 straight hours… 8 years later, here we are :- )”


“Katie and Louise took a trip to Hawaii for her birthday in April of 2016. I surprised her on the last day with a proposal on the beach as she watched evening fireworks, near the park where she used to play at as a child. We’ll both never forget that moment.”


They also love cats and named their’s after them: MICHAEL+LOUISE=MILO!