Adventurous Joshua Tree Engagement with Jennifer and Blake

After a really wet winter here in SoCal, we finally were able to schedule an overnight desert session with Jennifer and Blake at Joshua Tree National Park.

It was chilly, but made for some incredible shots! As always, the desert-scape gave us some beautiful backdrops and out of this world rock formations. We loved how well the whole was maintained and the reason why the rocks look the way they do is because they were actually a part of the water table underneath the surface of the earth.

Water rolled over it to create massive boulders and were eventually pushed up to the formations we see today. That’s pretty awesome.

Jennifer and Blake were game for almost anything, although by the end of the session we were all in about 30 degree F weather. After the session, we said farewell and spent the night in a cozy tent for two in our mummy sleeping bags.


The KLV Team

Behind the Scenes