Ted + Mika

I am so happy that we chose Kevin Le Vu as our photographer for our wedding and engagement shoot. I was looking through many photographer websites, but as soon as I came across Kevin’s photos, I just knew that we had to have him take our photos. I wanted Kevin and his team to be our photographer so much that we actually moved our wedding date twice to make sure we could book him! (I don’t think I told you that Kevin! LOL!)
When we first met Kevin, we could tell he was so professional and just an all around nice guy. He answered all of our questions and took the time to get to know who we were as a couple.
For our engagement shoot, it was about 90 degrees and for the second half we had our crazy (not very obedient) dogs with us. But Kevin was so patient and helped us take really amazing photos. He is very good at making you comfortable in front of the camera and helps with posing for the perfect shots. I was also happy we did the engagement shoot, because it really helps get rid of the nerves of being in front of the camera on your wedding day.
Many people told me that your wedding day goes by in a flash, and it really does! Once your make up and dress are on, it’s like you blink and it’s all over! But looking through my photos that Kevin took, they all take me back to those special moments of our wedding day. Not only are they artistically beautiful, but you can see and feel each person’s emotions through the photos. Which I don’t think many photographers have the gift of doing.

Long story short…LOL! Kevin Le Vu is the best photographer out there! Do yourself a favor and hire him as your photographer.