Sudi + Juhi

Kevin and team are awesome! He is creative, a good listener, hard working, and just goes above and beyond your expectations. He makes people feel comfortable and natural and always adds his organic style and creativity.

One thing I was nervous about during our photo shoot was being fake. He does a good job at  listening to couples and lets them be themselves. But of course he adds his touch and creativity to make everything come out beautifully and natural! This speaks to his versatility and professionalism.

He and his team are also very hardworking. We had a long engagement photo shoot and a full day of wedding and reception (we are Indian :)). For both shoots, Kevin just kept going. We live in San Francisco and he traveled to SF, was there first thing in the morning, and worked until he had to leave for his flight at night. Also for our wedding, he and his team were the first ones there and were there until our last guests. He also photographed our pre-wedding events during the week. Kevin and his team are amazing.

If you are looking for a professional, creative photographer who is good at listening and reading couples, is hardworking, and who is versatile – Kevin and his team have to be your choice!