Gothic Cathedral Wedding at Noor Pasadena with Liliana and Kevin

Although shy in front of the camera, Liliana and Kevin’s wedding was anything but subtle. Their vision of drama and gothic romance came to life in a town known for its rich history and locations. The gothic cathedral of choice had rows of arches and soft light pouring through the shadows as they said I do. Friends and family gathered intimately in anticipation for the night of celebrations to continue at Noor Pasadena.

The soft lights, turned to vibrants hues of reddish orange signaling the crowd to get wild. Everyone danced and sang in complete bliss of the union of two very special people and their families. Each moment felt candid behind the camera. Every touch shared so genuine and sweet.

They had awaited this day for so long, as they too had to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic. Even with that said, the day was that more special and filled with emotions. Emotions that they’ll remember forever, as they live this life together as husband and wife.

Photographed by Jenna and team