Seven Degrees Laguna Beach Wedding with Jay and Godwin

When we first met Jay and Godwin, these two dapper gentleman were dressed to the nines with their pup Wolfie. It was a chilly afternoon in Big Bear but their silly and loving gestures started to heat things up.

Now we return to them on a day so precious. Where the grooms become husbands, promising each other to love until the last breath. Their hearts soared as friends and family gathered, wishing them everlasting happiness. Wolfie gazing up just as the ceremony finished and a passionate kiss ensued.

Providing the perfect modern and glam aesthetic, Seven Degrees lit up in the night with splashes of greens and orange. The scent of smoke filled the air as sparklers were bursting with life, ready to receive the newlyweds. Away Jay and Godwin went! Through the grand sparkler exit and into the lively night, hands held tightly.

Photographed by Kevin and Team