Oceanfront East Asian Pasea Hotel Wedding with Kristy and Fahad

Overlooking Huntington Beach, this ocean-front wedding at Pasea Hotel left the imagination in awe from the colors, decor, and eastern Asian cultural touches for Kristy and Fahad’s wedding celebration.

The couple met with “eyes locking across the room” and Kristy’s contagious smile fueling Fahad’s immediate affection for her. Bringing us to today, with their smiles lively as ever with each detail that they carefully chose to celebrate the big day. Everything glistened, from Kristy’s intricate henna-detailed hands, to their golden and tiffany blue attire with a base of cream-colored fabrics. The ceremony site and reception boasted oceanfront views and matching gold aesthetics throughout the day.

To top off the night, freshly made donuts rolled their way in for the couple’s shared “toxic love for sweets”! They danced the night away and of course, are living their very own ‘happily ever after’.

Photographed by Kevin and Team.