Intimate Backyard Micro Wedding with Brittany and Adam

What do you get when two engineers fall for each other at the annual Christmas work party? A backyard elopement perfected in every detail paired alongside a newlywed couple whose eyes never left one another. For Brittany and Adam, their wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect despite the pandemic. 

The day began with Jenna capturing Brittany and her bridesmaids, all consisting of her sisters with names that begin with “B’s” in a quaint cottage with a large red barn out back. That alone spoke true to the absolute fun that her family was. Bryan, at a separate location, got Adam and his best friends together for getting ready. Each man checking the other to be sure they were dapper and ready for the day’s event. 

As we rolled into the first look following preparation, Brittany finally revealed her wedding dress to Adam  and the emotions were running high. We began snapping away at each glance top to bottom, angling every way so not a moment was lost. Romantics and the wedding party photos were a breeze in this scenic airbnb, no matter which way you looked. 

Finally, it was time to say “I Do” and the couple had spared no expense to create their vision. They even built a massive gorgeously draped backdrop to give a golden hour bounce, offering the most flattering light upon their faces. Topping it off with a wooden lotus accent and a stage for everyone to see them clearly. 

We appreciated and adored every personalization created by the couple. It truly was an intimate wedding that we most certainly loved every moment in creating a collection for. 

Thank you Brittany and Adam for having us capture your special day!

Photographed by Jenna and Bryan.