3 Tips from KLV Weddings while we #stayathome

During this intermission, while we all #stayathome and try to abate this virus spreading. Kevin and I wanted to share some tips so we all don’t get too comfortable knowing that this little break will spawn and explosion after.

Here are 3 tips from Kevin and Meg each, in the latest KLV Podcast Episode:

Every day there is something to view in the feed.
  1. Stay up to date on your marketing. It’s the perfect time experiment and try to find your voice on a particular platform that works for you. –Kevin

2. Stop and really appreciate what you do have. – Meg

3. Sharpen your skills, use objects in your home to produce artistic angles. This is your time to be a master indoors. -Kevin

4. Take this time to do all the things you’ve been putting off (mastering flash) -Meg

social distancing 

5. Stay active and reassure clients, and your team – Kevin

always learning!

6. Keep your mind sharp and functioning – Meg

Watch the whole show below: