Thank you Jonathan

There’s been two eras in the Kevin Le Vu Photography Wedding Photography business.

The first one, Kevin and I spearheaded. It was messy, exciting and was the foundation of everything that we do now. When I decided to leave (the first time), I had felt that I had lost my way and never got a chance to discover who I was by myself. So I happily passed on my knowledge, my gear, and the mantle of Second Shooter to Jonathan. He was hungry to move up from assisting and working our photo booth. He was ready to make more money for himself and Kevin helped him set forth real life goals to accomplish. With him at Kevin’s side, there was a magic that could never really happen when I was there. Together, they hammered out so many weddings and Jonathan genuinely improved upon what I had initially started and what Kevin expected.

From there, they became a machine and the second era of KLV Photography kicked into gear. Kevin realized letting me go wasn’t so bad; it was better in alot of ways.  Jonathan began to flex a muscle he didn’t know he had. He wasn’t a natural, but he worked at it and he trained with us all the time. He NEVER complained, he always showed up. Never called out. Never said no to us. Always made time for us personally and professionally. His reliability and ability to adapt gave us so much to think beyond being just a small business. Personally he gave me the courage to find out who I am. In my absence with the company I got reflect on who I wanted to be by podcasting, creating content and quick starting new businesses.  All the while he was working to make our company better.

In the years that followed, we always thought he would be there. Maybe we took his everlasting loyalty to our company for granted.

I saw alot myself in Jonathan, even early on when he was still learning the craft. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer, but I know enough. I wouldn’t call Jonathan a photographer either, but he knows way more than me. There’s something else in someone that makes one a photographer go ask Kevin what that is; at the same time it depends on your definition of the word. It’s something we did, but it’s not who we are. Of course, I shouldn’t speak for others but with him leaving us now; I may be 99.99% okay to say that. I’m so grateful for our time together. I’m so grateful to him. Besides all the work he put in, he always inspired me not to complain. I used to. Alot. Too much. But I learned that from him. Buckle in, chin up; head down. Go to work.

I’m very proud of him. If anything, this decision to leave makes me the most proud. It was a while back now; but when he told Kevin and I in person that this year would be his last with us we weren’t surprised, but it still bittersweet. He wanted to move on and do something else; with an ultimate goal of opening a brewery. He’s spent the last 6-7 years following our company’s priorities; and now he was standing up for what he wanted. He was prioritizing himself and I love that.

So with teary eyes and full heart; we say farewell to Jonathan and let go with a smile on my face. Thank you for everything. We wouldn’t be here without you and what you’ve given to us and your clients.