Eden Gardens Wedding in Moorpark with Francine and Ryan

Lovely Francine and Ryan marry in Eden Gardens and here’s their story:
“Francine and Ryan first met in Pre-Calculus in high school and became friends. In their last year, Ryan decided to ask Francine to their Senior Prom (she was really surprised).

Although Ryan attended UCLA and Francine attended UC Irvine, the two stayed in touch and hung out together when they were both home. They bonded over TV shows like Avatar the Last Airbender and Chuck.

In retrospect, their first date was watching “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” together sometime in 2009. However, the day he asked her out, Ryan took Francine to Mama D’s in Newport Beach and to Corona Del Mar.

Recreating some of their early years together, Ryan took Francine back to UC Irvine and let her reminisce. They stopped by Le Diplomat to grab sandwiches to accompany some other goodies. They picnicked while overlooking Corona Del Mar. Afterwards, he led her down to the beach, where family and close friends were hiding, and popped the question (she was really surprised)!”

And now we’re celebrating some favorite moments of their wedding day!

Here’s how they would describe their relationship:

Dorks in crime. We are both nerdy/dorky and love to eat, but we also try to be healthy and often do hikes together. We enjoy spending quality time with each other, our families, and our friends. We joke around with each other, but also keep each other in check – challenging one another in life.