Forest-Themed Engagement with Joleen and Michael

Meet Joleen and Michael. These two have a pretty interesting and powerful story to tell…and we’re happy to be able to capture the beginning of this new journey in marriage. Joleen really wanted a forest-themed wedding, but alas they settled for a forest themed engagement, which turned out really amazing; especially with Joleen’s floral headdress.

Enter Joleen and Michael

“We first met back in 2008. Michael was just hired back at Medtronic after a year of teaching English in South Korea. Joleen was about to graduate college. She was eating at a restaurant when a supervisor at a table nearby overheard that she was looking for a job. Around the same time, Michael was about to start working for the same company as well. Joleen and Michael both ended up the in the same training class soon after.

They had developed a close friendship throughout the years. Both as co-workers and as friends, they set forth on many eventful trips, from Michael’s near death experience at a camping trip in the Kern River to them sharing a McDonald’s ice cream cone at the park after news of their layoff.

As fate would have it, they always knew that they would be a part of each others lives. They started spending more time together from jogging around the local park, watching scary movies and breaking Michael’s notoriously strict diet with late night Del Taco runs. What is the essence of their relationship? Joleen has allowed Michael to bend a little and experience the fun things in life like eating at delicious restaurants. Michael has allowed Joleen to trade a cupcake or two for some nice paleo dishes.

On May 29th 2017, Michael decided to surprise Joleen with a trip to Bridlewood Winery in Santa Ynez, CA. After a wine tasting session and a stroll around the vineyard, Michael went on one knee and popped the question. Before he could ask “Will you..” she said yes.”

Michael is quite the filmmaker as well! Check out his film to his future wife at the end.

Michael’s film to Joleen