Westlake Village Inn Wedding with Sarah and Walton

A long time ago, we booked our clients Paul and Susanna, and now some years later, we’re photographing Paul’s brother’s wedding! It’s a small world. After 9 years, that’s bound to happen more frequently which we love!

Here at the Westlake Village Inn, don’t let it’s quaint name fool you. It’s filled with so much character and fauna that makes for an awesome wedding venue. I loved the vintage vibe of this place.

Another cool tidbit about this wedding is that our other clients John and Rumy we one of our first clients back in the day. Rumy had been on the Food Network for her amazing work with decorative cakes. Since then she launched a full blown store in Los Angeles area serving celebrities and us normal people. Now she picks and chooses what glamorous cakes to create for people. And this cake is one of them!