Historic Union Station Engagement with Emily and Clement

This week, we head out to Union Station in Los Angeles and after all these years, we get to photograph in an area of the station that’s always been off limits to us! So in the words of Clement and Emily I’ll let them explain their love story:

Enter: Emily and Clement

“We first met on a summer missions trip to Taiwan in 2007 after freshman year of college at UC Irvine. After the trip, our shared interest in Urban Planning led us to take many of the same classes together. After being classmates and friends for two years, we began a dating relationship before getting engaged in May 2016.

Through the years, we have had many opportunities to learn about each other, but more importantly, many opportunities to learn and grow together in the Gospel. We are thankful to have been blessed by a supportive system of family, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ. As confident as we are in our marriage, we are even more confident in God who has led and continues to lead us in our relationship.”