Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

Before you think I’m razzing on wedding videography for second, I ask you to read on.

I’ve shot in the industry for seven years and there always seemed to be a silent war undercutting the photographers and the videographers out there.

“You’re in my shot”

No, you’re in my shot”

Ugh. And to both side’s defense, there really isn’t enough time for two artists to take the wheel and capture everything they want to capture during a wedding. We already know how much time can be crunched on wedding day, so why do we create unnecessary enemies out on the field?

The issue is time, not the documenters.

Is there a better way to do this? A photographer’s argument will be that photos have always been there to document weddings. While videography and creating short “films” of the wedding day is fairly new to the industry. Wherever your argument lies, I personally still believe in both mediums.

If you know me, then you know I’m all about video. It’s the backbone to my own business and has launched my career in the space. I know how important video is and yet I’m really torn about being a client who is looking at video and photo separately as we prepared our wedding budget.

I don’t believe you should choose one or the other. I love our wedding photos, but I’m so grateful for the video footage we were able to “jimmy” on the day of, with GoPros and DSLR’s lying around the venue. No, I don’t watch it all the time, but it is a treasure to me.

One medium is not better than the other, it’s just a matter of purpose and experience for the client.

Great photography goes in your albums, you frame it inside your entertainment center, or your gifts to your parents, family and friends.

Great video is that other experience that takes you right back there; to your vows, to your first dance and your father kissing you on the forehead with your song playing in the background.

So I go back to my first question, is there a better way to do this? In the last year, I’ve seen a drop in clients hiring videographers and while the selfish photo-hog in me (kinda) sighs with relief at not worrying about another black suit in my shot, I’m saddened about this. There’s this competition that’s building which needed be there.

I don’t believe in competition, it’s something I always say on my side of things…no one can touch you, because no one can be you. So long as you’ve found what’s truly unique about you and your business.

No, I believe in innovation. People in the same space as you, should push each other to be better and better or more importantly more of themselves.

It’s a big reason why I, and Kevin don’t look at other creators in our respective industries. Not because we think we’re hot stuff, but because we know who we are as artists (I mean for the most part, always open to learning).

So with our eighth year in the industry, I’d like to see more collaboration between the photo and video world. I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but I know that both mediums can benefit from each other. And we’re not ones to talk from an empty place in our hearts. We’ve taken up the mantle and have partnered up with Ambient Veil, a video company; fellow artists and welcome innovators in the space. 

We hope to save time and create a balanced workflow for both teams on the field to do what they need to do and deliver outstanding products to our clients; whom which this is all for. It’s business to business (b2b) and business to client (b2c) at work here, so let’s grow together instead of stifling each other.

Thanks for reading and I hope your next photo/ video team create beautiful memories for you to cry crocodile tears like ours did.