A Big Surprise at Big Bear Lake

I remember introducing my mom and my sister Jenna to Kevin while I was still in college.  I was 22 years old.

I remember feeling incredibly lucky. He was my first friend here in the OC. I was starting over. I needed so badly to start over. But really I was just getting started.

I was in a new home, a new environment and had a new perspective on life.

That moment, which was so insignificant, was so powerful for me. I remember feeling proud and jittery.

“He’s cool, huh mom?”

“Yes he is”

I remember that so clearly. I think even before we starting dating a months later, I loved him.

We have so much to be thankful for. I believe I should start with that. Gratitude. I’m so thankful for this life and what we have made it to be.

That statement of ‘we’ has never been so strong for us than ever before. There’s a power in the words of “I love you” and “marriage” and “will you marry me?”

Shooting weddings for a living has taught us so many things. We learned how to love and how to receive it. Can you believe that something as simple as loving can be so far from us sometimes? It’s a practice, a daily one.

I’m so thankful we gave each other the liberty to find that out in our own time. 7 years ago, we knew we loved each other, but we didn’t yet know how and why. Through the years, we fought for this relationship that is both our work and our life. It’s our passion and our curse. After all, we can only do what we truly love to do. The work we do is the life we lead. There is no separation, only moderation.

The decency we give each other to be ourselves and to be flawed is something that always brings me comfort. I’m so lucky. But this luck–it didn’t come from nothing and we weren’t destined for this life.

We worked for it. We worked damn hard. It took a lot of humbling ourselves to do it.

Everyday I choose this man. And thank goodness he still chooses me when I’m too blinded or neurotic to see reason.

Honestly I married Kevin in my mind the moment I introduced him to my mom and Jenna so many years ago. But I’ve gotta say, this momento, that is ceremonial and traditional, gives us a renowned boost in our spirit as partners in business and life.

Here’s to the man that pushes me, challenges me, supports me and never stops surprising me.



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